Gas Turbines

ECS is a worldwide supplier of replacement parts for both light and heavy industrial gas turbines, including:

  • General Electric
    MS3002 / MS5001 / MS5002 / MS6001 / MS7001 / MS9001
  • Solar
    Saturn / Centaur 40 / Mars 90/100
  • Westinghouse
    W191 / W251 AA / B2‐B8 / W501 AA, B, D, D5, D5A

ECS offers a comprehensive range of products for the listed Gas Turbines:

Compressor End
Rotor Blades Rotor/Stator
Stator Blades Related Repair Kits
Inlet Guide Vanes  
Combustion End
Fuel Nozzles Cross-Fire Tubes
Transition Pieces Elbows
Combustion Liners  
Combustion End
1st Stage Buckets Nozzle Hardware
2nd Stage Buckets Support Shrouds
Cover Plates Inner & Outer Pins
Bucket Hardware Lockplates
1st Stage Nozzles Shroud Hardware
2nd Stage Nozzles Custom Bolts
Bearings Filtration Systems
Deflectors & Seals Fuel Pumps
Valves Flow Dividers
Flame Detectors Control Cards
Ignition Transformers Gear & Load Couplings
Thermocouples Related Hardware
Related Spares
Seal Rings Filtration Systems
Valve Assemblies Fuel Pumps
Thrust Bearings Flow Dividers
Oil Deflectors Control Cards
Packing Rings Gear & Load Couplings
Valve Stems Related Hardware
Wiring Gaskets & O Rings
Bearings Spray Nozzles
Deflectors & Seals Caulking Strips
Valves Solenoids
Flame Detectors Impellers
Ignition Transformers Piston Rings
Thermocouples Instrumentation

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